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Welcome to ksebonlinebillpayment.com. Here, you can read detailed instructions to view your KSEB electricity bill and to make KSEB online bill payment using multiple methods. Our motto is to encourage and to make people capable to use online services instead of standing in long queues. ksebonlinebillpayment.com is not an official website of the Kerala State Electricity Board and does not have any relation to the KSEB or any other government agencies.

Kerala State Electricity Board has introduced its online portal to make KSEB online bill payments. You can make KSEB online bill payments using this portal with or without registering. The advantage of paying after registering is, you don’t have to need your bill number every time. If you are registered and your details are added, each time your outstanding amount will be displayed automatically. Otherwise, you have to look for your outstanding bill number every time for making KSEB online bill payment.

KSEB Bill View and Download KSEB Online Bill Payment Methods

Obtaining the outstanding bill number is not a big deal though. If you have the hard copy of your electricity bill, you can obtain the bill number from the hard copy. Otherwise, it can be obtained from the KSEB Bill View page by entering your KSEB 13 digit consumer number and your electrical section.

If you have access to the Internet and you have any of the payment methods like credit/debit cards, Internet Banking, etc in hand, then it is so easy to pay KSEB bills. There is no need to stand in long queues to wait for your turn to come to pay your KSEB bill.

There is more than one way to make KSEB an online bill payment. You can pay your KSEB electricity bills without registration using KSEB Quick Pay or KSEB Oruma, the same can be done with registration using the KSEB payment portal also.