KSEB Bill View – View and Download Latest KSEB Electricity LT Bill Online

Lost your KSEB electricity bill hard copy?  No problem, you can view, download and print your Kerala electricity bill using the KSEB bill view page in the Kerala State Electricity Board official website – www.kseb.in. Details you need to view your KSEB bill are,

  • Your electrical section
  • Your consumer number

Forgot your consumer number and electrical section? forget the fact that you forgot those details. You can find both your electrical section and 13 digit consumer number using your mobile number.

KSEB Bill View – View your KSEB LT bill details online

You can view and download your KSEB electricity bill using the bill view page on the KSEB website. For viewing and downloading, you need to fill up your consumer number and your KSEB electrical section. Follow the below link to visit the KSEB Bill View page.

Go to KSEB Bill View Page

In the View Your LT Bills page, select your electrical section and type your 13 digit consumer number.

KSEB Bill View

For viewing your latest bill, After filling up section and 13 digit consumer number, click on  View bill.

View KSEB Bill

You can now see your latest KSEB electricity bill. You can download or print it from here.


How to download the KSEB Electricity bill duplicate copy

KSEB Bill Download Duplicate Copy


After viewing your KSEB bill, you can download it in PDF format. For this, just move your mouse pointer to the top side of the bill, some buttons including a download button and a print button are there. For downloading KSEB bill duplicate copy, click on the Download button.

Sometimes it may not work as you expected, then

  • Click on the Print button
  • Select Save as PDF
  • Select a destination on your computer to save the downloaded file
  • Click Save.

There is no need to keep the hard copy of the KSEB electricity bill for future references. Just create a folder in your computer and save the KSEB bill duplicate copy there. You can even take printouts if you want in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to pay KSEB electricity bill online?

There are several ways to pay your KSEB electricity bill. You can pay your bill either by using the official KSEB website/KSEB Android app or by using third party payment services such as Amazon pay, Google pay, Paytm, Freecharge etc. Click here to read detailed instructions to pay your Kerala electricity bill in multiple ways.

  • How to check KSEB bill payment status?

It is important to check the status of your KSEB electricity bill to know whether it is paid or not. There is no ” Check KSEB bill payment status” service in the official KSEB website. But you can check the status of your KSEB bill easily using the KSEB website itself. For detailed instructions, click here.

  • Where can I find my consumer number in KSEB bill?

If you have a printed KSEB bill, you can see your consumer number printed on it. Take a look at your bill, below the barcode, there will be a 13 digit number. That is your consumer number. If you don’t have a printed bill, you can find your consumer number using your mobile number using the KSEB web self-service portal.

  • Can I view my KSEB bill payment history?

Yes, you can view your KSEB bill payment history. For this, you need to register an account in the KSEB web self-service portal – https://wss.kseb.in/selfservices/. After signing up and logging in to your account, you can view your bill payment history and KSEB previous bill details.


For support and assistance –  Mail to: cccepaysupport@ksebnet.com OR Call: 0471-2555544

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