How to check KSEB Kerala Electricity Bill Payment Status

There are many ways to pay KSEB electricity bill. You can pay your KSEB electricity bill either offline by paying cash directly in cash counter or online with or without registering in KSEB website. Whichever method you choose to pay KSEB electricity bill, no matter it is online or offline, you can check KSEB bill payment status online easily. There is no need to register in KSEB website to check KSEB bill payment status.  Knowing your bill payment status is necessary to avoid paying the bill more than once accidently.

Required information for checking KSEB bill payment status

  • Your electrical section
  • Your 13 digit consumer number
  • Your bill number

No problem if you don’t know your latest KSEB electricity bill number, you can get it from KSEB official website by entering your electrical section and consumer number.

Follow below link if you don’t know your latest bill number

kseb bill view


Steps to check KSEB bill payment status

Follow below link to go to KSEB quick pay for checking KSEB bill payment status

kseb bill payment status check



KSEB Bill Payment Status 1


Select your electrical section, fill up your KSEB 13 digit consumer number and bill number and click Submit to see the bill

Some more details will be displayed  ( refer screenshot below ).


KSEB Bill Payment Status Check


Item marked No : 1  is the details of your last bill payment transaction. You can see Transaction ID, Date, The gateway you have used for payment, amount, and the status of your last transaction.

Item marked No : 2  is your outstanding bill amount. In this screenshot, outstanding bill amount is zero. Which means you don’t have any outstanding amount.  That is, you have already paid your KSEB electricity bill.

If your bill is unpaid, the item No : 2  will be the outstanding amount instead of zero.

If there is any outstanding amount, you can pay the money by clicking Proceed to payment.


For reading more details about how to pay your KSEB electricity bill online, follow below link.

kseb bil pay



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