KSEB SMS Alert – Registration procedure for receiving KSEB SMS Alerts

KSEB SMS alert – the new step of Kerala State Electricity Board towards becoming more consumer-friendly. Consumers can now register their mobile numbers on the KSEB OMS website to receive notifications in advance regarding any kind of power failures/power cuts which are pre-planned by SMS on their mobile numbers. Consumers can register their e-mail addresses also in the outage management system for receiving above said alerts through e-mail.

Registration Procedure for subscribing KSEB SMS Alerts

Follow the below link to visit SMS alert registration page of Kerala State Electricity Board OMS (Outage Management System)

Go to SMS alerts registration



On the first screen, fill up your 13 digit consumer number and latest KSEB electricity bill number and click  Validate.

Click here to read instructions about how to view your KSEB bill, if you don’t know your bill number.

On the next page, fill up your 10 digit mobile number and your e-mail id. If you are a registered user, your e-mail and mobile number will be displayed there automatically.



There are three checkboxes on this page they are,

1) Power outage information via SMS from KSEB.

Check this checkbox for receiving advance alerts through SMS regarding any kind of power failures in your electrical section

2) KSEB Bill information through SMS.

Check this if you want to receive an SMS alert when a new bill is issued by KSEB.

3) KSEB Bill information through e-mail.

Check this if you want to receive an e-mail alert when a new bill is issued by KSEB.

After filling up and selecting abovesaid details, click Register Consumer Details. If you are a registered member, the button text will be Update Consumer Details.


A success message like the above screenshot will display if the registration process for SMS Alert is successful. Your subscription process to receive SMS alerts from KSEB is now complete. From now on, if there is any kind of pre-planned power failures such as maintenance works, load shedding, etc, you will get SMS alerts from Kerala State Electricity Board.


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