How to View KSEB Bill History, View & Download Previous / Old KSEB Bills

The web self-service portal of Kerala State Electricity Board offers several useful things to consumers. Viewing KSEB bill history and downloading old/previous electricity bills in PDF format is one of them. To view and download previous LT bills, you must be a registered member of the KSEB WSS portal. If you are not, you can register an account easily.

How to Register in WSS Portal –

You can register an account in the web self-service portal using your 13 digit consumer number, e-mail, and mobile number.  The registration procedure is simple, you can read step-by-step instructions here. If you don’t remember your consumer number, you can find it using your mobile number.

How to View KSEB Bill History Through

For viewing your KSEB bill history, you need to log in to your account in the web self-service portal. Follow the below link to go to the login page.

Go to KSEB WSS Login



Type your user name and password and click Sign In.

It will redirect you to your account dashboard in the web self-service portal. To view your bill history, click History on the left sidebar.


KSEB Bill History


Next, select your consumer number from the dropdown list.

You can view the history of up to 12 months. You can select the period from the Months dropdown list.


KSEB Previous Bill


After selecting the period, you can view a list of your previous bills.


KSEB Old Bills

How to View Previous KSEB Bills

To view the details of your previous KSEB bill, click on the bill number in the list of bills. It will open a new pop up window and you can see your old bill details there.

How to Print and Download Old KSEB Bills

There will be a download button and print button on the new pop up window with the bill details. You can use those buttons to download your old KSEB LT bill in PDF format and print it on paper.


Old KSEB Bill Details


How to Pay My KSEB Bill Online?

There are multiple ways to pay your KSEB bill. You can pay your bill by using the official KSEB website/KSEB Android app. If you are using a third-party payment service such as Amazon pay, Google pay, Paytm, Freecharge, etc you may get a discount or cashback for the bill payment. Click here to read it here:  multiple ways to pay your Kerala electricity bill online.



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