KSEB Quick Pay – Online Bill Payment Without Logging In

KSEB Quick Pay is the easiest way to pay your Kerala electricity bill online. By using this, you can pay your KSEBoard bill without doing any registration process in wss.kseb.in. You don’t even need to log in to your account on the KSEB website to pay your bill using quick pay. You only need your 13 digits consumer number/registered mobile number to pay your bill online. If you don’t know your consumer number you can find it using your mobile number or you can e-pay your KSEB bill without your consumer number using your mobile number itself if it is registered with KSEB.

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KSEB Quick Pay – wss.kseb.in Online Payment Using Mobile/Consumer Number

You can pay your KSEB bill online even if you don’t remember your 13 digit consumer number. If your mobile number is registered with KSEB, you can use it to find your account details and pay your bill using quick pay. Follow the below link to visit KSEB quick pay page on the official web self-service portal – wss.kseb.in

Go to KSEB Quick Pay

KSEB Quick Pay Online

Quick Pay Using Consumer Number

Select the Consumer Number option if you know your 13 digit KSEB consumer number, type your consumer number, type the characters on the image, and click Submit to see the bill.

Quick Bill Payment Using Mobile Number

If you don’t remember your consumer number, select the Mobile Number option, type your mobile number, type the characters on the image, and click Submit to see the bill.


KSEB Bill Payment Without Login

You can now see the details of your current bill. Fill up your E-mail id and mobile number, then click Proceed to Payment


KSEB Quick Payment


You can make payment through Internet banking, Debit, or Credit cards. Select the payment mode you wish to use then click Pay Now and complete the transaction.

KSEB Payment Confirmation from ksebfc.dnr@kseb.in

You will get payment confirmation as SMS in your mobile number and as an E-Mail, in your email inbox if the payment is successful. The sender address of the payment confirmation email will be ksebfc.dnr@kseb.in.

ksebfc.dnr@kseb.in Payment Confirmation

How to check the KSEB Bill Payment status?

Follow the below link to read instructions to check KSEB bill payment status online

Check KSEB bill payment status

How to pay KSEB bills using the web self-service portal?

You can pay KSEB electricity bills online using the WEB self-service (WSS) portal also. For this, you should register for it first. For detailed instructions to pay the KSEB electricity bill after registration, click here: Pay KSEB electricity bill using web self-service portal

Can I pay KSEB bills through Google Pay?

Google Pay is one of the most used UPI apps in India. You can use it for paying your KSEB bills also. You can read detailed instructions to pay your Kerala electricity bill through Google Pay here.

Can I pay my KSEB electricity bill through PhonePe?

Yes, you can pay your Kerala electricity bill through PhonePe. You can read detailed instructions here: How to pay the KSEB bill through PhonePe?

How can I get the KSEB bill payment receipt online?

You can view, download, and print receipts for previously paid bills online through the web self-service portal. You can read a detailed guide here: How to View, Print, and Download KSEB Bill Payment Receipt?

For support and assistance –  Mail to cccepaysupport@ksebnet.com OR Call: 0471-2555544

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